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Special Packaging

  • Are you taking several kinds of medications?
  • Do you sometimes get confused with your medication schedules?
  • Do you lose track of your medication intake?
  • Do you forget to take one or two of your medications at a given time?
  • Do you find it hard to memorize the names of the medications you’re taking?

Many of us have at one time or another experienced one or two of the above. This means that we’re not efficiently managing our medication plan. 4th Avenue Pharmacy might help. We offer special packaging for customers:

  • Customized blister packs to group medications per intake schedule
  • Durable vials/containers that are tamper proof
  • Easy-to-Read Medication labels
  • Medications with intake time/dates indicated for guidance
  • Travel Packs

Make your prescription easy to follow – no matter how many types of medications you’re taking. Ask a pharmacist from 4th Avenue Pharmacy the next time you visit us.