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About Us

images4th Avenue Pharmacy has an experienced team of pharmacy professionals who strive to ensure drug access to patients that is affordable and of the best quality. We hope to simply complex medication therapies for our patients. We accomplish this through several methods including but not limited to prescription compounding, special packaging and physician-directed medication plans. In fulfilling every prescription, we establish a professional link between the healthcare practitioner who issues the prescription and the patient who is taking the medication plan. We believe that it is important to maintain effective communication which makes disease and health management less complicated and more manageable.

Patients at 4th Avenue Pharmacy also receive one-on-one counseling with pharmacists. Our staff will be more than happy to provide assistance in assembling a medication plan or a vitamin/nutritional plan for you. We have nutritional supplements and various alternative/herbal medication available for customers who are looking for a way to maintain good health with the use of nutra-ceuticals.

Best of all, our pharmacy can afford to set low prices for products on display, prescription medication, prescription refills and medical equipment. This is because we’ve already established a name and a relationship with manufacturers and distributors all over the state. Their trust in us is what we value most and we intend to preserve this for as long as we can.

For you, our clients, we will do everything we can to stay your One-Stop Pharmacy in town. Thank you for being loyal to 4th Avenue Pharmacy all these years.